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My positive Melbourne Limousine Group limo hire experience | Limo Hire Melbourne

A Fantastic Night Thanks to a Melbourne Limousine Group’s Limo Services

Allow me to tell you a little story about a magical night that turned even better thanks to a great service I’ve just discovered. Three days ago, my younger sister had her School Formal. Of course, that meant a lot of hassle, new dress, shoes, make-up and so on. Preparations everywhere, but to make the experience 100% for her, I decided a little over-the-top element was in order. So I decided to hire a limousine for the occasion.

Lucky for me, one of my friends knew a great company, which chauffeured her around at one of her business events. As it turned out, she was so happy with the ride that she insisted I give them a call. Taking her word, I Googled Melbourne Limousine Group and was impressed with the cars and the range of services they offer. After talking to them, I have to admit I felt a little like a fairy god mother and couldn’t wait to see my sister’s reaction. As it turns out, they cater to the area of Melbourne and surroundings and offer different services for every need, from corporate events, to tours and frequently provide limousine services for formals like my sister’s.

A great provider of Limo Hire Melbourne

Limo hire Melbourne - Melbourne Limousine Group

Yes, the fact that they were conveniently located was a bonus. The fact that they were so patient, professional and agreeable was also a big plus in establishing the custom requirements I had. The day of the big event, they showed up at the exact hour and impressed all of us with the gorgeous, Silver Stretch Chrysler Limo which left us all gaping. My sister most of all, since she had no idea. Of course, there was shock and then squealing, some yelling, some happy tears and all that, and the whole experience made her feel like the most important person in the world. Or that’s what she told me afterwards. The driver was friendly, efficient, polite and chivalrous, making the whole experience even more astonishing for my sister.

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As it turns out, the limo was an all-inclusive experience. Since they offered me the opportunity, I wanted to go big and made sure it comes with all amenities included, from refreshments to flowers, colour coordinated decorations and so on. My sister couldn’t help detail how everything looked so great, how the trip was amazing, and she felt like a VIP the whole way. The limousine service provided by Melbourne Limousine Group has left an impression and I would happily say Melbourne Limousine Group is one of the highest class limo hire Melbourne services providing professional, prompt and efficient, since they navigated a little bit, picking up my sister’s friends as well, before heading for the school.

I was happy to get the details about the car and the driver beforehand and that made me appreciate their services even more. As it turns out, all their cars are high-class, accommodating anything from a small party to whole groups of people. Oh, and another great thing is that you can actually take a look at their limos, on site, before making your choice. And their drivers come just as recommended, being fully qualified and accredited, as well as having Driver Certificates and thorough policy background check done before hiring. That being said, I felt confident in letting my sister and her friends get in the car and get safely to their destination.

 My experience with this Melbourne limousine service

Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne

The Melbourne Limousine Group definitely delivered from my point of view. As it turns out, when my sister and her group got to the Formal, they were greeted with stares and gapes, feeling like they’ve just rolled onto the red carpet at some big Hollywood event. Needless to say, I had not only reached my goal of offering her an unforgettable experience, but even exceeded it.

And an even better aspect was that the whole experience was much more affordable than I thought. Once I told them what I was looking for, they were able to give me a specific price that seemed to be balanced well with all the services offered. I really liked the fact that I could choose what I wanted for the ride, and they made sure the interior was decked up to my exact specification, all the added touches making the experience truly memorable.

These guys offer many options, from different cars, to various types of experiences to many features for the ride. I, for one, was very happy with their services, offer and prices, helping turn a fantastic night into one of the best of my sister’s life thus far. I have to say that my friend was very right in recommending Melbourne Limousine Group to me and I will, in turn, recommend it to others.