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Here’s What a Car Detailing Service Should Include

Exotic Car Being detailed by Car detailing service

We all wish we had a car like the one above. But even if you don’t taking good care of your cars paint and trims can help to hold a cars value as well as give you a sense of pride on the road.

If you’re not keen on car detailing yourself, you could take your car to a professional service where your vehicle will be cleaned of road grime and dirt, inside and out. The process will help keep your car in great condition and retail its resale value to an extent. Here is what you should look for in a car detailing service.

Exterior Trim, Headlights, and Taillights

Many services apply a polishing compound to taillights and headlights and then properly seal them with a plastic sealant.

Paint Care

A car’s paint is delicate, and most services will use a three step process to clean and protect the paint surface. Cleaning consists of washing and drying the car, followed by applying a clay bar application to remove contaminants and dirt. Once that’s done, the paint is polished to remove fine scratches and swirls.

Wheels and Chassis

The undercarriage of the car will be cleaned with the rest of the exterior. This includes the wheel wells, control arms, and anti-roll bars.

The Engine Bay

This is an important part of car detailing. The engine bay needs to be lightly misted with water and cleaned with a de-greaser. Once rinsed and properly dried, the rubber, silicone, and plastic components should be dressed to protect from cracking.

Interior Car Detailing

This will usually include cleaning of the carpets and seats with a steam cleaner or shampoo. Vinyl and plastic will be cleaned and dressed and leather will be conditioned.

Choosing a Service

Choosing a car detailing service should be done carefully. Take a look at the company’s testimonials from former customers. Be sure to check out the review page to get the recommendations you need to make the best decision. Furthermore, shop around for the company who can provide you with the service you really want. Many companies are affiliated with businesses that certify their reliability and responsibility. This means you are assured a reliable detailing company who can meet all your needs. These businesses typically advertise their services via their affiliates, and also validate their services and products.

A Few General Things to Consider

Clean engine bayNo matter what your car detailing requirements are, you will be able to find the ideal car detailing service for your specific requirements. If you plan on using the same business for repeat service, or even a fleet of vehicles, talk to them about a frequent-user type of discount or even a standing account. Some car detailing services are more than happy to reward their loyal customers with favorable discounts, coupons, and the odd special or two, such as free fluid checks or oil changes.

Service, of course, is important. It is the perks that the business you opt for offers that could very well steer you in the direction of becoming a regular customer. Remember to talk to the manager about any benefits they may offer for repeat business, you may just be pleasantly surprised!

Thanks for reading and I hope you got something out of this post. maintaining the integrity of your paint and the cleanliness of your car is important for both resale value and appearance.

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Why It’s Important to Check and Change Brake Pads

In this post I wanted to cover a simple thing that so many people in my life seem to forget when it comes to maintaining your car. It’s not all about changing the fluids and topping up when they are low, making sure the car has the ability to stop when needed should always be one of the highest priorities.

The Importance of Your Cars Brakes

Checking Your Disk Brakes
This is a brand new Disk Brake

There really is nothing more important than being able to stop your car. That is why the brakes are the most imperative part of being able to drive your vehicle. Even race car drivers will tell you it’s more important to be able to stop than have a huge amount of speed of power in your car. Yet, so many braking systems often fail, and it’s very often our own fault.

The Importance of Changing Brake Pads

No car can stop effectively with work rotors or brake pads. And nobody wants to go screeching through a wall or have a possibly fatal accident because their car won’t stop. It makes far more sense that you should be able to just touch your brakes lightly and the car comes to a stop.

This is why it is vital to change brake pads regularly. To avoid costly and possibly deadly accidents, you need to be able to get the all-out performance from your brakes by preserving the optimum friction pad depth. Should you realize that your brake pads need changing, you’ll find that most of the time, it’s the front pads that need replacing.

It’s easy enough to check the pad wear yourself but when you need to change the pads and you don’t have experience, leave it to a professional.

How to Check Your Brake Pads

Checking your disk brakesTo check the wear on your brake pads, take a look at the pads from outside the front tire. Most cars these days make it easy to see the pads, all you have to do is look through the outside of your wheel rims. Occasionally, it may be necessary to take the wheel off to get to the pads. If you can do this, you’ll notice that your outside pad will be facing you and if you look at it from above, it should be pressed against the metal rotor.

There are two particular ways to determine whether or not your pads need replacing:

  1. Visually

If you notice that the depth of the pad is less than ¼ inch, it needs placing, and as soon as possible. If it seems to be less than 1/8 inch, you are very close to damaging the rotor and should not hesitate to replace it immediately. While this is just a rough guide and it won’t be the same on every vehicle, you can use it to help you determine the lifespan of your pads.

  1. By Ear

Do you hear a screeching sound when you touch your foot on the brakes? That’s not good. It usually means you are overdue a reline. However, if it sounds more like metal scraping on metal, it means you have damaged your rotors and those brakes will need to be fixed immediately before further major damage is caused.

Changing your brake pads regularly is better than changing them when it is too late and will help you avoid expensive repairs and unsafe driving conditions.

How To Change Your Front and Read Brake Pads

The video above gives a nice overview on how to change your brakes pads on a car with disk brakes. There is a little more to it when it comes to drum breaks but you can easily find more information about that online.

I hope this post has helps, now go check those brakes!